Thiksay Gustor 2014...9th & 10th Nov.

The Thiksay Gustor is a two day festival that takes place in Ladakh. The first day started with prayers followed by Chams (mask dance) performed by the monks of the same monastery. Some of the main features of the two day ritual performance, besides Chams, include the oracle, and the dismembered and dispersal of the Storma (Sacrificial Cake) by the leader of the Black hat dancers during the ceremony called “Argham” or “killing”.  This marks the end of the ceremony and symbolises the destruction of all form of evil.  On the occasion the assassination of the Tibetan apostate King Lang-Darma, by a Buddhist monk in the mid 9th century is also enacted.


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What's New:

*Unauthorised absence...DM order.
*Swachh Karyalaya Abhiyan NIC Leh.
*Hon'ble PM Interaction with KV Leh Students.
*List of Srinagar Flood Victims received till 15th Sept 11:00am